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“No AL, this is wrong. You don’t plan on buying the mag, you should not be reading it!”


I was at the Supermarket today and there was a long ass line.  That sucks doesn’t it?

I went to pick up a magazine to kill the time but then I thought to myself, “no AL, this is wrong, you don’t plan on buying it, you should not read an article.”

Later in the day I went to the dentist.  Everything went well, no cavities (sonic care baby).  When I was in the waiting room I was tempted to pick up a magazine and start reading it.  I didn’t though.  I didn’t pay for that magazine, I should not be able to enjoy any part of it.

With my smile looking fresh, I decided I wanted to go out to a club and called up one of my boys and he said, “bet let’s do it.”   When I got to his place, I realized he had this cool jacket that went awesome with the shirt I was wearing.  I was gonna ask him if I could borrow it, but again my coinscience said, “AL that’s not your shirt.  You can only use or enjoy things you own.”

After we left the club, my friend was pretty wasted.  He asked me to drive his car home.  Again, I had a dilemma.  Can I use his car?  Is that right, it’s not mine.

The aforementioned way of living is completely absurd, and if you subscribe to it you are a fucking retard.  When someone owns something, it is completely morally correct to let them borrow it or enjoy it. Your friend has a CD you’ve been wanting hear?  He paid for it and he can let you listen to it, simple as that, as long as he is not profiting from that lending.

With advances in technology, a person is able to communicate with a huge amount of people they feel a kinship with. Instead of letting two or three friends enjoy something I own, perhaps I might just post it online for thousands of people I’d like to do a solid for.

Tube porn sites are exactly that, sharing.  If I go to one of those sites, someone who posted the video obtained it legally and they are sharing it with others.  Notice they are not giving it to others, they are just allowing us to enjoy it, which is their prerogative because they paid for it.  

If you disagree, then you are like the fellow at the beginning of the story.  Taken further, you can’t visit a club though because the club is not paying royalties to the artists for the music they play inside. You also can never stop inside any public or private place when you are out and need to take a shit without buying something first.  You can also forget about pulling into a gas station just to wipe your windshield off or put air in your tires, even if that would be a safety hazard.

What kind of world is that? 

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