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No Brazil HIV, say 2 E-mails to me #1

#1– I am a porn director and just returned from Brazil.  There is no HIV outbreak and Monica Mattos in not HIV positive.   She shot 2 weeks ago and her test was clean from a reputable lab.  Everything you wrote before is bullshit. There  have never been any Bazilian transexuals o girls coming to the USA – it is imposble for them to get a visa  only Paola Reyes got a visa.  T The brazilian porn business is dead – even worse that he USA.  Only a couple of companes are shooting there and the dollar is 1.5 to 1 rea and it is the worst exchange rate ever.  It is more expensive to shoot in Brazil than here. I don’t think you are Luke Ford and is  very irresponsible for you to report such bullshit.  You have no fucking idea what you are talking about. NL- Of course this could be written by anyone, including someone from the porn company in Brazil that is supposidly trying to keep the HIV covered up. I wrote to this  “porn director”  back and asked him a few questions. He never wrote back. Seems someone this upset at me about my irresponsibility would want to prove me wrong by answering a couple easy questions I e-mailed him to confirm he was a porn director.

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