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No Brazil HIV, say 2 e-mails to me #2

I´m from Spain.To make a long story short, my work is the same than yours. I tell the people what´s going on in porn business through my website and I´ve been very interested about you say of HIV in Brazil for one reason: I was shooting there 3 months ago. When I knew about this, I made my own investigations, and my source is not agree with yours. Production in Brazil is still running, and brazilian performer Monica Mattos keep shooting movies with her HIV tests ok. Just my 2 cents to your investigations. NL- This writer has more credibility because he gave me his name and the name of his website. He hasn’t written me back yet, but I just received his e-mail today. Also he is obviously not in Brazil, but is asking questions of people he knows there, and he probably has a much easier time than I do since he doesn’t have as much of a language problem. (Spanish & Portugeuse languages are similar) If he writes me back and I confirm his identity and he gives me permission to print his name and/or  website then I will believe that HE BELIEVES what he is saying. Which is a step in the right direction for him helping me with investigating.

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