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No Fear Here. Bust a move…….

Jim B sends another threatening e-mail to me-

I have told you what is the matter with outing whores. It should be clear as day. It is a threat to their safety.

I, on the other hand, have not threatened your safety. Merely your pocketbook by doing everything in my power to drive down your Alexa ratings.

And you can be sure that i, too, have saved every communication between us. Every last one. So, go ahead. Post what you have. It’s “going to blow up on (your) site, alright, but you are the one who is going to look foolish. First for helping the Jesus freaks out a retired whore. Second for defending Darrah. Third for allowing yourself to become the top friend of the Darrah parody site in an effort to throw her under the bus and avoid a boycott. And yes, that is screencapped.

You say Luke Ford gave you the idea for that story? very interesting. I’m sure Luke’s Rabbi will appreciate knowing that he’s still running his old website behind the scenes. Just one of the many consequences of allowing things to “blow up on your site.” I’m sure Luke will appreciate it even more.

And I’m sure that all of the people in the adult industry will appreciate learning that you intend to out their real names once they retire. I’m sure that will have them lining up to do interviews for your site. You know, the ones that actually bring in the readers and drive up your Alexa ratings. Another consequence of allowing things to “blow up on your site.”

These are just a few of the adult consequences of dealing with the adult industry. I’ve tried to treat you like an adult by keeping this mostly to private messages. But if you insist upon airing this, well, I’m game. Let’s get it on. I’m sure the readers here and those of all the other Adult industry blogs will be glad to know how quick you are to throw them, and your own people, under the bus.

I’ve made this as easy for you as possible,. Pull the piece. Pull Darrah. Stop outing the whores. Simple. Easy. No headaches for anyone.

But, again, if you want to let this “blow up on your site,” well, hey. bust a move.

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