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Holly Randall Announces Web Site Launch –

April 2, 2009 Los Angeles, CA

Holly Randall announces the official launch of her own member site in association with the Web development cowboys at Brand Danger.

“I’ve labored over this for the past seven months, doing my best to create my own style – launching with something that I feel is unique and a new direction in both the glamour & hardcore markets.” Holly’s site includes some sexy new discoveries including Alexis Ford & Jodie Starr. The site also features hardcore scenes which Holly describes as “Glamourcore”.

“In addition to shooting everything in HD, the idea was to get out of the gonzo and get back to the fantasy. I picked girls like Tory Lane & Alexis Texas to help me achieve this and the scenes they delivered are jaw-dropping. I prefer to take a heavier hand in production and setting than just throwing the girls on any old couch and going for broke. I embarrassingly admit to even storyboarding some of the scenes.” will also introduce a new style of behind-the-scenes documentaries to give her users a backstage pass to all the action. “I worked with Destro Chavez on these documentaries to capture the feel of a MTV or Sports Illustrated style behind the scenes – something people don’t have to be ashamed of viewing – hopefully something a guy could show his significant other as a means to turn her on to erotica. I think that seeing the real personalities of people making adult really helps achieve this. Suddenly it’s not smut because you get to know the real people doing it. The end product is a lot of fun, and I think it’s a stronger way to engage the audience than your typical point-and-shoot behind the scenes. We even have some original indie-rock & electronica for the sound tracks thanks to one of Destro’s connections in Ohio of all places.” also features Brand Danger’s new signature streaming video technology as well as a live show element that will launch later this month on “That’s going to be fun! Brand Danger’s live technology is amazing – essentially delivering a full screen TV quality picture. There’s nothing like it. I’m working with my director Destro Chavez & James Willing at Brand Danger to create a live talk show that will feature model interviews, live sex & also a photo shoot element. I’ll be hosting the show as well, so we’ll see where being in front of the camera takes me.”
For more information, visit: or contact Holly at [email protected]

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