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No More Contract for Kayden

Rumor has it that Kayden has told Adam & Eve that she won’t be renewing her contract.

Kayden has been through a lot this year with her court case and all.  Adam & Eve stood by her through it all, and took her side, put out press releases that stood up for her, always gave her a positive slant and the benefit of the doubt.

There are companies who would have dumped Kayden when the going got rough, but A & E had her back.

I wonder if A & E was going to renew HER contract?

I wonder what Kayden has in the works that looks better than what she had? Has another company offered her a contract?

I wish the best for both sides. Kayden is a really smart girl who, I am sure, can do a good job running her own career.

I hope Kayden gets what she is looking for, and I hope A & E has found themselves a loyal contract girl in Alexis Ford.

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