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No More Playboy Mansion Parties?

by PBR Princess of

I’ve read some heartbreaking news- Hugh Hefner is no longer going to be hosting huge Playboy Mansion parties anymore. Clearly he didn’t realize that I’m new to the biz and sometimes it takes a little while to work up to Playboy Mansion style internet fame. I’m working on it- if only he would have given me a little more time.

I feel like all of my dreams have been crushed. I’ve always wanted to get sloppy drunk and do dirty things with someone in the std infested Playboy Grotto (even though they make it seem much more glam in those Playboy soft-core movies).

Apparently the reasoning behind Hugh crushing my ultimate party fantasy was to save money. I’m not really sure how that’s going to be saving him money because sometimes the parties are for charity. Example: the Carnival themed party at the Mansion this past June was to raise money for the It’s All About the Kids Foundation and charged 10,000 for a table of 8 people. And Ron Jeremy was there, so you know it was a real party.

I met him at the HotMovies 100 Grand Gala and let me tell you something- he’s still got it. Girls were swarming around him to get their tits signed. And no, I was not one of them. I was too busy feeling up Flower Tucci.

Either way, Hugh must have a trick up his sleeve because I don’t see anyone being happy about this no more parties business.
I need a drink now.

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