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Nora Noir “I Can’t Live Without My Dildoes”

1 Can you tell us a little about your background?
I was born in Poland, several years ago moved to Chicago, now live in South Florida, and travel to Los Angeles for shoots.
2 Why did you decide to go into porn?

To unleash my inner sexuality, I was married, now i’m free and want to explore my deeper desires, and sexuality brings me pure joy. Another reason is that I want to leave my mark in the world.
3 How did you choose   your stage name?

I love the way it sounds, Nora has special meaning to me..and Noir is my favorite color.
4 You’ve just done your first scene. Who was it with and how did it go?

Just had my first B/G scene come out for Naughty America…w/ Danny Wylde..(he’s very sweet) it was very intense…the way I love it. Nothing like hot MILF sex….
5 Which 5 studios/directors would you really like to work with and why?
I have several…Shelby Black was wonderful, Kiernan Lee was fantastic. I really like Naughty America, Brazzers, BangBros, Evil Angel,   I’d love to shoot for Jules Jordan, Chris Stream, there are too many to name.
6 Which   performers would you really like to work with and why?

Mostly I’ve done B/G…. really want to book G/G. All the male performers I’ve worked with have been wonderful…I’d love to heat it up with the ladies…My favorite performers are the ones who give it there all.

7 What if any are your limits for the types of scenes you’d like to shoot and why?

I’m open to most anything.. I love it long as it’s fun, and consensual…then let’s do it! I’m very intense in my performance..I love what I do.
8 Are there any fetishes you like and which if any fetishes would you like to try?
G/G B/G strap-on,MILF gang bang.
9   What do you like about doing cam shows?

One on One with my fans, it’s an amazing release to see and hear them…I have fun, and I believe it shows…catch me at…you won’t be disappointed!!
10 What do you think about mandatory condom use in scenes?
I’m all about safety and I test regularly.. but…I personally feel the govt should stay out of the industry.
11 Which is your favourite part of your body and why?
 My eyes…they tell the story and my lips…they do amazing work…so I’m told.
12 What do you do to keep yourself   looking so lovely?
I work out regularly, and I believe in fitness. Plus I try to eat healthy at least most of the time..hehe
13 What’s you favourite sex toy and why?

 I can’t live without my toys dildos, vibes, they always come in handy. I have several that I use regularly… but my favorite would be the Hitachi Magic Wand. I love the intensity of the vibration….damn!
14 What’s your favourite position and why?
Being pinned to a wall from behind….The fact that a man is pressing me   into the wall lends an urgent, almost aggressive feel I like the roughness and erotic thrill of it. If you see my scenes, I’m all about intense sexual expression.

15 You’re new to the business. What important lesson have you learned so far that you want to share?
One important thing is to enjoy your work.. if you are in this business only for the money.. (and not because you like sex).. the camera will show it, also don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with doing, know your limits.
Where can people find you on the net? follow me on twitter @noranoirxxx
also I do my cam shows   at   or  
my web site will be up soon.
for bookings in LA..Kevin @[1-82]/3266/01/NF outside LA   SilverLuna Ent, [email protected]

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