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Not Cosby’s Not Dr Huxtable is Not Naked (But everyone else is!)

Thomas Ward, Hollywood Comedian is Not Dr Huxtable!

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Currently writing and working his standup routine Thomas Ward has found time to become a filmmaker albeit not of the porn variety.  “Ironically, the first script that I wrote in early 2000 is about a guy trying to get into porn,” he said with his contagious laugh.  It’s about this dude who is a classically trained actor just fucking around making some big mistakes and gets hooked up with a girl who really makes things happen.  Now I find myself in a big porno just like dude so be careful what you ask for because you might just get it,” he joked.     

Joking is a way of life for Ward and enjoying the LA lifestyle and all the beautiful women in the city is something this thirty-something appreciates.  “I love the girls with the big butts like Flower Tucci and the Milfs.  I’m a milf-lover.  If she’s got a big fat juicy ass, I’ve probably dug her before.  I dig Alexis Texas and some of those hot girls.”

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