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Not Every Jewish Group Has Shunned Me

Dear Jewish website owner,

Keeping the Shabbat on your website is now possible.

By using the “Shomer Shabes” system you can block access to parts of your website on Shabbat and Haggim, for example pages including donation links, products for sale or advertisements.

The system is recommended by the chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yonah Metzger.

And it was successfully installed in tens of Israeli websites.

The Shomer Shabes system operates according to visitor’s time zone, and only blocks them if it is Shabbat in their area. There is also no interference with search engine’s access. If you prefer, instead of blocking the visitor, the system can simply add a message to the page saying it is now Shabbat.

Setting up the system is easy: just go to and look for the “Join here” link. Please note! When you subscribe to the “ShomerShabes” system, part of the fees goes to the “LaniadoHospital” in Netania, Israel so you are making two mitzvahs.

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