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Not Luke says- You really want my opinion?

Most of you “get me”

What I post here on LIB are all different opinions. Some are mine. Some I agree with.

Some I think are stupid, ridiculous, absurd, outragous and/or funny. But I don’t tell you what I think most of the time. Just because it’s posted on LIB, doesn’t mean I like it. My postings are often written by someone else and I am thinking of them sarcasticly. But I don’t tell you that.

I let you comment and decide for yourself.

I believe so much that people should be able to speak out on topics and share their opinion without fear of repercussion or censorship, that I often let you all run rampant just so I don’t squash your views.

I hear about it from those who are pissed about an opinion expressed on this site. THEY think i should delete unfavorable comments, not post opposing viewpoints, take down stories that insult someone they like and of course, not put up their e-mails to me about it on this site, those are private!

This is the first time I have allowed myself the luxury of talking back to you.

Thank you, Very Important Readers, for reading, commenting and caring about what happens on

Today is my birthday. I tell you that not so you will wish me well, although I hope you do, but so I feel you will give me a bit of leeway in talking to you directly.

I used to drink 365 days a year. Now I drink less then 20. Today is one of those 20. So if this post disappears tomorrow, you will know why, lol.

I really do read everything you guys say in the comments, and it’s important to me, but I don’t answer you back. If you want to talk to me directly- this post is your chance.

A few readers have said I should write more personal stuff about myself, as Luke wrote about his issues  in the past, so you could get to know me. I have thought about it, and don’t really know if it would interest you.  Although I  think i am pretty damn interesting, doesn’t mean anyone else does.

I have a lot to say, sometimes I just think it’s better to let y’all talk and I’ll listen. That might change in the future. You tell me.

I’ll keep with the name NotLuke for now.  So calling me NL is fine. And if you want to write me it’s [email protected]

And please send me a myspace request if you have a page.


Fight for your rights,





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