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Not Made In Heaven

Sister Fister posts on XPT: “Talk about being in two different leagues Holly you look like you are in the NFL were Luke looks like he is playing for a shitty European arena football league…God I still can’t fathom what he did to get you to agree to actually let him stick the snotty end of his fuck stick anywhere near you… “

Holly Randall posts:

Not to insult Luke, because we get along fairly well these days (especially since I got to release all my anger towards him in the dunk tank), but I was drinking VERY heavily then and my judgment was waaaaay off. We are obviously a match NOT made in heaven.

And to clarify, I don’t mean this from a physical point of view– i.e. I think I’m too hot for him or anything like that, because I don’t. I just mean that emotionally and mentally we are not right for each other.

>>>I like these stories of you drinking. What were you drinking? Beer or spirits? And were you stumbling all over the place and shouting incoherently?

Vodka, mostly. Plus beer, plus wine, and basically anything that was available at the time (except Gin, I can’t touch that stuff). Most of the time I was able to hold it together in public– though many who have seen me at awards shows, the AVN convention, etc, will tell you I was barely able– the fun part was when I got home and there was no decorum to uphold, nor anybody who lived with me to tell me I’d had enough. The sad look in my dog’s eyes were just not enough to stop me. It was ugly, I won’t lie.

…Yeah that’s the problem with alcoholism– it’s progressive. It starts off as a lot of fun, you’re the life of the party, and you’re famous for holding your liquor. I used to be able to outdrink big-ass frat boys in college, and pound beers faster than anyone I knew. But eventually you cross that line, and suddenly you go from buzzed to completely wasted in 15 minutes, and you wake up almost every morning with that awful feeling of regret and wondering what the hell you did the night before: who you called on the phone, who you offended, what the hell you wrote on XPT at 1 AM, hahaha…

Bornyo posts:

Watch this video.

Why? For several reasons. One- it’s Luke interviewing Tyler Faith. Second: In the first minute or so look at the black guy in the background with the ridiculous hair. That’s Raven from Kickass and he gives Tyler the once-over and dismisses her.

Thirdly, after about a minute and a half you’ll notice Holly Randall in the background. It quickly becomes apparent Luke isn’t even paying attention to Tyler Faith, he’s just filming Holly.

(That’s a cute thing you do with your jeans, Holly).

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