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[Not] Seeing Red

Red heads be aware, you are officially on the undesirable list.

This, according to a recent article, states that Cryos International, a sperm bank located in Scandinavia, will no longer be accepting your ‘run-off’ —unless you’re tall, smart, and musical.

This means MY favorite redhead is still in the running! …but according to last nights monologue he doesn’t seem to think so:

Hmmm, I thought redheads were hitting the road to Jurassic Park anyway. Good news is the hunt is still on for those of Black, Asian, Hispanic, Mediterranean and mixed-race decent willing to donate their fallen soldiers.

Could you imagine a world with no daywalkers? I sure couldn’t. Redheads make up some of the friskiest people I know, and I know one place on Earth (nevermind YOU Scandinavia) that welcomes redheads with eager eyes, sweaty palms and open zippers! They may not have much to contribute to the procreation game but BONUS, they’ll gladly take donations. (Sometimes by the LOADS!)

But don’t take my word for it, watch these fiery felines in all their full-length video glory! After all it’s FREE —only on!

Original Source: MSNBC


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