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Not Sierra Sinn Anymore

The ex-porn star Sierra Sinn, 25, posts:

i am not the same person i was a month ago.
i am never going to be.
thank you to all that have been supportive
fuck off to those that hate, talk shit, and/or dont have faith in my ability to better myself.

i have not and will not be on here often because honestly i really dont care. i am not sierra sinn anymore, and i never will be again.

at this point i dont know a whole lot other than i am over it.
i am over bullshit, liars, shit talkers, theives, and just about every negative influence in my life. and if you arent over it then just dont talk to me!!
i hate bullshit!!!

Sierra Sinn talks about leaving porn on this XXXChurch podcast.

Shelley Lubben begins: “Sierra is going to expose porn for what it really is… She’s moving on to do something much better with her life.”

Host to Sierra: “What got you into it?”

Sierra: “I thought it would be an easy way to get fame and fortune.”

“It wasn’t pleasant. I didn’t stay long.”

Host: “When did the reality hit you?”

Sierra: “Not for a year and a half.”

“I grew up in Pittsburg.”

“I was going to school and stripping in Pennsylvania for four years. I saw a lot of feature dancers [porn stars] come in and seemed glamorous and fun. I put pictures up on Agents brought me out here and set me up with a couple of scenes.”

“I was all proud of myself. I waited seven months before I told my family what I was doing… My family was cool. ‘If that’s what makes you happy.’ They weren’t happy about it but they were supportive.”

“I left my daughter there.”

“My first scene was one of the worst experiences of my life. It was very scary. It was a very rough scene. My agent didn’t let me know ahead of time… I did it and I was crying and they didn’t stop. It was really violent. He was hitting me. It hurt. It scared me more than anything. They wouldn’t stop. They just kept rolling.”

Shelley: “You told me about the lies, how they are supposed to stop if you say stop.”

Sierra: “They’re supposed to but they don’t sometimes. They want the footage.”

Shelley: “It’s good footage to be rough with women.”

Sierra: “I thought, maybe it won’t be so bad the next time.”

Sierra got $800 for that first scene. “Usually it’s about four-to-six hours [per scene].”

“I didn’t want to hurt anymore. I didn’t want my heart to be hurt anymore.”

Shelley: “Tell them about some of the hard things you go through emotionally. She has a hard time being intimate. She doesn’t trust men.”

Sierra: “I thought I was a lesbian for a while. I have a boyfriend now. It’s hard for us, trying to put it all behind me. I feel guilt… I’m so jaded.”

Shelley: “It’s hard to be intimate in a relationship. It’s hard to have a relationship while you’re in the porn industry.”

Sierra: “I get uncomfortable when people try to love me.”

Shelley: “You’ve made all this money and it’s been wasted.”

Sierra: “You don’t think about all the money you put back into doing porn, such as tanning, nails…”

“I didn’t do a lot of drugs. I smoked weed.”

“Drugs are huge. They’re using viagra. It’s unnatural. The girls will be on xanax and vicodin.”

Shelley: “If porn is so great, why do people need xanax, vicodin, pot, alcohol to do it? Because it’s painful.”

Sierra plans to be move back to Pittsburg to be with her daughter. She’s trying to start a clothing company.

Sierra: “My mom and dad are non-denominational Christians. We were in and out of churches growing up. We moved a lot.”

Shelley: “Sierra believes in Jesus. She believes that God is pulling her out.”

Shelley: “Say something to the men who are addicted to porn.”

Sierra: “That it is not easy for the girls. It’s not enjoyable. It’s not a great time. Girls are getting hurt. It’s emotionally and physically trying. If you knew what people were going through, you wouldn’t like it as much.”

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