Nude Bond Girls

Nude Bond Girls

The James Bond franchise is like a fine dish. You have to have all the right ingredients: an intriguing spy plot, the right charismatic titular hero of course and the sexy, glamorous “Bond” girls that he eventually gets to screw!

The latest instalment of the Bond franchise, “Spectre” follows this tradition featuring glamorous hotties like Lea Seydoux and Italian super-MILF, Monica Bellucci! This is my tribute to all of the beautiful actresses who, in my opinion, were just as integral to the series as Bond himself. Enjoy my list of Nude Bond Girls!

1.) Eva Green

Bond Film: Casino Royale (2006)
Eva Green - Casino Royal

Let’s start this list off with a bang! Ex-model turned formidable actress, Eva Green starred in 2006’s critically-acclaimed Bond reboot, “Casino Royale.” Despite being only 26 years old, Eva had no problem going toe-to-toe with Daniel Craig’s icy James Bond. But let’s talk about that plunging neckline during the poker scene!

Good for us, Eva Green has zero qualms about getting nude. The consummate femme fatale with killer curves and a tiny waist…what’s not to love? Now let’s see Eva Green’s sexy, big natural titties!

Eva Green Nude Camelot
Eva Green Shows her stuff in Camelot.

Eva Green Nude - The Dreamers
Eva Green get’s naughty in The Dreamers

Eva Green Nude - The Dreamers
More from Eva Green in The Dreamers

Eva Green Nude - Sin City
Eva is unbelievable in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

2.) Ursula Andress

Bond Film: Dr. No (1962)

Ursula Andress - Dr No

Any self-respecting Bond fan will remember that iconic scene where Ursula Andress’ Honey Ryder emerges from the frothy ocean waves in her stunning white bikini. It’s as quintessential a movie scene as Indiana Jones running away from that giant boulder. Starring with Sean Connery in “Dr. No”, Ursula Andress’ smoldering presence has practically immortalized her as the  sexiest Bond girl ever!

Ursula Andress Nude
Usula has been featured nude in Playboy and in other publications.

Ursula Andress Nude

Ursula Andress has been nude in a variety of films such as “L’infermiera” as well.

3.) Denise Richards

Bond Film: The World is Not Enough (1999)

Denise Richards - The World Is Not Enough

Okay, I’ll admit Denise Richards couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag, but goddamn, is she gorgeous! You know the studios were banking on her pure hotness. After all, her character in “The World is Not Enough”, was a friggin’ nuclear physicist. *snickers*

Let’s be honest here, everyone in the late nineties wanted to fuck Denise Richards ever since her infamous threesome scene with Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell in “Wild Things.” But hey! I’ll save you the precious seconds from going to Google! Just scroll down and feast your eyes on Denise Richard’s many nude scenes! PS: I hate you, Charlie Sheen.

Denise Richards Nude - Wild Things

Who could resist Denise in “Wild Things”? Not Neve Cambell….

Denise Richards - Wild Things

…or Matt Dillon for that matter.

Denise Richards - Playboy

Denise has also graced the pages of Playboy!

4.) Jane Seymour

Bond Film: Live and Let Die (1973)

Jane Seymore - Live and Let Die

I don’t know why but sexy, vintage go-go girls drive me completely fucking ape-horny. Jane Seymour is the epitome of the ultra-hot 70’s glamour doll. After starring with Roger Moore in Live and Let Die, Jane did not vanish into obscurity, but went on to have a very prolific film career. Wedding Crashes. The motor-boating scene…boom, now you remember! Do you remember these?

Jane Seymour - Wedding Crashers

Earlier in her career, Jane showcased more of her body…

Jane Seymour Nude - Lassiter

Jane Seymour showed us more in “Lassiter”. The movie also stars Tom Selleck.

Jane Seymour - Sexy Photos

Here’s another from even earlier…

Jane Seymour Nude

5.) Britt Ekland

Bond Film: The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Britt Ekland - The Man With The Golden Gun
Britt Ekland was the only good thing about “The Man with the Golden Gun.” Widely criticized for being the shittiest chapter of the franchise, Ekland kept this film interesting with her extremely gorgeous blonde looks! I mean, just look at those perfectly, perky tits!

Britt Ekland Nude - Wicker Man

Britt gives us some great views in the 1973 film, “The Wicker Man”.

Britt Ekland - More Nudes

In addition to The Wicker Man, you can also see Britt’s tits in “Get Carter” (1971).

6.) Halle Berry

Bond Film: Die Another Day (2002)

Halle Berry - Die Another Day

Halle Berry wasn’t the first black Bond girl, that was Grace Jones. But Halle Berry is by far the most popular out of the two. She played “Jinx” alongside Pierce Brosnan in the forgettable, “Die Another Day.” This ultra-sexy celebrity drew everyone’s eyes with her gratuitous nudity scene in “Swordfish.”

Halle Berry Nude - Swordfish

She also got down in dirty in “Monster’s Ball”.

Halle Berry Nude - Monsters Ball

7.) Margaret Nolan

Bond Film: Goldfinger (1964)

Margaret Nolan - Goldfinger

Let’s bring it back to the old school again. Margaret Nolan is a devastatingly beautiful blonde who worked as a glamour girl and even posed for Playboy! “Goldfinger” is one of my favorite Bond movies of all time and Margaret’s crazy sex appeal was the icing on the cake! Just check out these amazing nude pictures!

Margaret Nolan Nude - Kamera Club

Margaret Nolan aka Vicky Kennedy had a significant career as a nude model.

Margaret Nolan Nude - aka Vicky Kennedy

Here’s more of Margaret in dazzling color!

8.) Olga Kurylenko

Bond Film: Quantum of Solace (2008)

Olga Kurlenko - Quantum of Solace

Yes, yes I know Quantum of Solace is total “henshit”, but this is a list of nude Bond girls, not best Bond movies! And Olga Kurylenko definitely fits the bill! This Russian-born model did…something in Quantum of Solace, I wish I could tell you but I’d rather have my asshole bleached than try to watch that shit again. Anyway, enough drivel! Olga Kurylenko nudes are waiting for you!

Olga Kurylenko Nude - Hitman

With tits this good she’s distract even the “Hitman”.

Olga Kurylenjo Nude - The Serpent

More of Olga from her film career,

9.) Lea Seydoux

Bond Film: Spectre (2015)

Lea Seydoux - Spectre

This French-born actress has appeared nude in a “shitload” of film projects prior to being featured in the newly-released “Spectre.” French actresses just don’t give a fuck if millions see their naughty bits and tits, do they? Merci! For such a petite frame, Lea Seydoux has surprisingly supple tits! See for yourself!

Lea Seydoux Nude - Blue is the Warmest Color

Lea explores her sexuality in “Blue is the Warmest Color”.

Lea Seydoux Nude

You can always see more of Lea.

10.) Monica Bellucci

Bond Film: Spectre (2015)

Monica Bellucci - Spectre

I love Monica Bellucci. She’s sultry. She’s insanely voluptuous. She’s MILF incarnate. Her face is perfect. If I sound a little obsessed, it’s because I am. #MommyIssues

This ageless beauty first caught my eye in the “Matrix: Reloaded” and even in her fifties, she was presumably cast as James Bond’s romantic interest in “Spectre.” I love this woman. Nude. Clothed. Clown make-up. I don’t fucking care. I love her! Scroll down and you will too!

Monica Bellucci Nude 01

We can enjoy something from her earlier work but Monica keeps getting better with age!

Monica Bellucci Nude 02

Monica Bellucci is not shy and will make any scene sizzle!

Monica Bellucci Nude - Shoot Em Up

In “Shoot ‘Em Up” (2007) She shows us why we lover this sexy Euro MILF so damn much.

Did you enjoy my list of Nude Bond Girls? Did I miss your favorite? Sound off in the comments or keep the conversation going on Twitter @worldsbestporn

Boob Zoom from Octopussy

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