Nudity in Game of Thrones

So, if you haven’t been watching Game of Thrones, you’ve been missing out! It’s a truly amazing show. Coming from great source material, deep characters, phenomenal locations, costumes, and more make this show one of the best on television. Currently airing it’s second season on HBO, you can catch Game of Thrones on Sunday nights.

An extra bonus is the nudity… and it’s a great bonus! The women are really beautiful, and only once in a while do you get a real WTF moment of nudity. I don’t need to see a lady breastfeeding a child who is far too old… and last Sunday’s episode ended in a really strange scene containing nudity, which I won’t describe so I won’t spoil it. Regardless…

The video at the top of the page is SNL’s hilarious explanation for all of the nudity in Game of Thrones. Enjoy, and be sure to give Game of Thrones a shot if you haven’t started watching already. And don’t forget to check out this nude gallery of one of the stars from the show, Emilia Clarke.

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