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Nutjob Shy Love Signs Racist Nut Serenity Haze

I was gonna put this out yesterday but got sidetracked with the Union Strike…lol. I was also feeling a little horse.

Anyway, Shy Love is apparently a glutton for punishment, she signed Serenity “I don’t lick balls and hate blacks” Haze to her fledgling agency VIP Connect.

Serenity is the poster child of what you SHOULDN’T be in porn, racist, a thief, and she eats her own boogers.

Remember that time Serenity said Bernie Sanders wanted to kill babies AFTER they were born?

Or the time her fiance was robbed, kidnapped and beaten. Maybe it was the same person who kidnapped Bobbi Dylan.  LOL,  yeah that never happened.

Serenity’s views on Blacks. Pretty sure she won at be doing any IR.

There’s a reason why shes had to change her name 3 times…lol

Everyone needs to thank Bella Roxx for bringing her into the business. Serenity’s last agent prior to Horsenins was Brian Berke. As least she got a belly button licking out of it.

Good luck Shy, you and her will make quite a team.  Love & Haze, We Steal And Lynch, LLC.

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