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NYC Revival

XBiz reports:

“New York was really the biggest hub of production during the Golden Era,” said Candida Royalle, owner/president of Femme Productions, based in Manhattan. “It’s always the elite trend setter, culturally, and I think it’s a sign that women are really, finally jumping in. It took a generation after me, but women are really starting to create their own erotic material. And I guess you’re seeing it, especially in New York.”

A performer in the 1970s, Royalle made a name for herself in 25 classic titles, including “Femmes de Sade” and “The Analist.”

In 1980, she founded Femme Productions and became the originator of couples- style content as a director.

Twenty-seven years later, Royalle is grooming new directors; young female filmmakers from outside the adult industry, willing to explore the possibilities of erotic content.

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