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Nyomi Banxxx Exclusive Interview Part 2 of 3

Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy of Nyomi Banxxx
©2009 Xcitement Magazine

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X: How are you distributing your new movie Nyomi’s Diary?
N: Well I did Nyomi’s Diary under my production company and Back Out Video is helping me with distribution on the east coast. And I am trying to see what I can do on this coast.
X: Tell me about the movie.
N: It’s based on my diary. I am living out what is in my diary and trying to decide whether I am a lesbian or not. I play a record executive that flies around the world. During different encounters I meet women, and I am so shocked that I am attracted to these women. You can see the trailer of this on It’s all about my lesbian experiences with women of color.
X: Who else is in it?
N: Cheyenne Jacobs, Arianna Star, Misty Stone, Baby Cakes and Jordin Skye.
X: Sounds like you had lots of fun. So when you are flying around the world and you are running into these women, are you visiting record companies?
N: Yeah. I am trying to find different artists to work with. Arianna plays my lawyer and the other young ladies I meet in passing. Like I meet Baby Cakes when I am getting out of the elevator and she is getting onto the elevator. And she is so breathtakingly beautiful I find myself just staring at her and I didn’t know I could feel that way about a woman. Jordin Skye plays the hotel manager and there have been complaints about my music being so loud because I am listening to demos in my room. So she comes to my room to complain about it and as she is yelling at me I am fantasizing about what I could do with her. So every scenario is different but it intertwines.
X: That sounds really good. That’s a good story line for a movie.
N: And it doesn’t stop here. I have an interracial one that I am working on now. With myself and a cast of white guys like Chris Charming, Rocco Reed…
X: I love Rocco Reed.
N: He’s a sweetie. It’s a diary also. I am hitting every niche. Every two or three months I am going to come out with another edition. But they are all about my innermost feelings that come out on camera.
X: That’s brilliant! You can do twenty movies on this.
N: Thank you.
X: You could even do foot fetish, gang bang, everything. Did you do your scene with Rocco yet?
N: I did a scene with him for Holly (Randall) But he works so much, my God. It’s hard to get it together with him. He’s really a sweetheart.
X: So you did photos for Holly?
N: We did photographs and video.
X: Is that where you met Rocco?
N: I met him on a set. I was working with Mr. Pete that day. And I was walking in and Rocco said is this the one I am working with? And he said no you wish. And we started talking and I thought he was a really cool guy. So we exchanged numbers. Holly called me for a shoot and she asked me who I wanna shoot with and I said I don’t know, and she said how about Rocco. And I was like YEAH! It was a good shoot.

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