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Nyomi Banxxx Interview Exclusive- Part 1 of 3

Nyomi Banxxx is a multi-tasker. She would have to be with to keep up with all the many things she has going on at once. She owns her own music label and has several musicians she is promoting. She does her own music in her group FBC. Nyomi also has her own adult production company where she writes, directs, produces and stars in X-rated movies. So we’ll stick mostly to the sexy stuff in our discussion today…

Interview By Cindi Loftus [email protected]
Photos Courtesy of Nyomi Banxxx  ©2009 Xcitement Magazine

Xcitement: You twitter almost as much as I do.
Nyomi Banxxx: Really? I thought I was one of the slow ones.
X: This is a first for me. I got all of the questions for this interview off of your Twitter pages. And I only had to read a couple days worth to have a page full of questions.
N: (Laughs)
X: How often are you on there?
N: When I first opened my account I was on there once a week, but lately I have been on there a lot. If I have a day where I am not doing anything I have time to sit down and really talk to a lot of my fans. And it’s quite funny and cool.
X: You can meet a lot of people.
N: Yes you can. I have a lot of businesses, with music and stuff like that. So I am able to meet a lot of DJ’s and magazine companies that want to interview some of the artists on my label. And then with the fans they have questions, and I like to answer all of them. Occasionally you get a stalker, but all in all I like that it’s an instant connection with the fans.
X: That’s why I like it. It’s like an IM except you are talking to 20 people at once. I’m too impatient to do IM’s because you have to sit there and wait for the person answer you back.
N: Exactly. Well remember the last time I was in Miami on South Beach and I was asking where there was a Mexican Restaurant, and you wrote back to me there are Cuban Restaurants here, not Mexican Restaurants.
X: Yes, I would have never have met you if it wasn’t for Twitter. So your Twitter page tells me you drink Patron. That’s tequila, right?
N: Yes that is.
X: Do you drink it with lime and salt?
N: No. I am a pro at it. I don’t need that. I have never done the lick suck thing. We just always took tequila shots. We started out drinking 1800. And as we got older we got a bit more..
X: Expensive.
N: Yeah.
X: You call everybody Sweets.
N: I do. I think it’s cool to be able to meet people on twitter. And it takes courage for a lot of people to talk to us, and I just think they are my Sweets.
X: I think that is a very sweet thing to call people! What are some of your other favorite words?
N: I say “Always keep it sexy” I say messy a lot. It’s a hot mess. That means get it together, get it tight. Tight is another word.
X: Tight is a good word for many things.
N: Yeah. (Laughs) That’s about it.
X: I notice that you give out love advice on twitter. You told someone the five elements to a relationship.
N: One of the guys gave me four of them and said that would make a relationship work. I said you need to communicate, trust, what were the other ones?
X: Love, patience and understanding.
N: I said all five of those are what you need for a good relationship. And he took my advice and it was cool. And I am hoping that his relationship goes well.
X: You should have a column, Love Advice by Nyomi Banxxx.
N: I was thinking about doing that once before. But I said I don’t know.
X: You already have enough to do though. I found that out. So you just finished up the movie that you wrote, directed and starred, Nyomi’s Diary, Ebony Lesbian Edition. Do you do lots of movies?
N: Yes I do. I was in mainstream before I got into porn. I do have my own production company called That’s Common Productions. I have an independent movie out now that I starred in called Caught in the Game.
X: Can I see a trailer on it?
N: There is a site called, where you can get information.

To be continued, or you can read the whole thing and see the naked pics at

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