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Obama overturns abortion info suppression

President Obama has overturned the global gag rule!

*****From Planned Parenthood***********************************

Dear Cindi,

I had no doubt it was going to happen, but I’m going to
celebrate anyway. As one of his first official acts in office,
President Obama has overturned the global gag rule. Join me in
sending him our thanks today:

By overturning the global gag rule, President Obama has taken a
tremendous first step toward promoting women’s health around the
world. Overseas health care providers will now be able to offer
counseling, referrals, and services for the full range of
reproductive health options to women without fear that the U.S.
government will strip them of their funding.

I’m sending our new president a message of thanks on behalf of
these providers, the women they serve, and those of us here in
the U.S. who have been protesting the global gag rule since the
day President Ronald Reagan first implemented it. Click here to
add your name to our thank-you note:

I’m so glad President Obama made overturning the global gag rule
a priority — and it’s not just because Planned Parenthood and
dedicated supporters like you have done so much to speak out
against it. The fact is, the global gag rule was a threat to the
health of millions of women.

Clinics have closed, contraceptive supplies have dwindled, and
women were left without basic and critical health care services.
As a result, there were more unwanted pregnancies and more
unsafe abortions. Today, one woman dies every minute of every
day due to pregnancy related causes, including unsafe abortion,
and over 200 million women in developing countries who wish to
delay or end childbearing lack access to modern contraceptives.
Those are the women President Obama stood up for today.

It’s been a long eight years, and we have a lot more work to do
to roll back President Bush’s awful legacy on women’s health.
The fight for access to reproductive health care and rights is
an uphill one, and there is serious work to be done to rectify
nearly a decade of bad policies, not just in the U.S. but around
the world. In the short term, we can keep moving in the right
direction by restoring funding for UNFPA, the United Nations
Population Fund; removing abstinence-only requirements in
HIV/AIDS funding; and increasing foreign assistance for
reproductive health, including $1 billion for family planning.

Trust me, we’re not going to let up, we’re not going to stop
working to protect and promote women’s health. For almost four
decades Planned Parenthood has been working to expand access to
health care for women in developing countries worldwide. Part of
that work is being vocal in our support for policies that expand
access to comprehensive reproductive health care. So today,
let’s take a moment to recognize this first, important step

Thank you, as always, and keep an eye out for upcoming actions
you can take to help us win these battles for women around the


Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Federation of America

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