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Offensive Crayons Hosts Color Naming Contest for Adults-Only Brand

Offensive Crayons, a colorful box of writing tools with obscenely off-color names, has just launched its first-ever Color Naming Contest and is taking submissions now at

To kick off the upcoming release of its Porn/Sex coloring box assortment, Offensive Crayons is on the hunt for the most tasteless, but clever, captions to stake claim on a crayon color; the winning entrant will receive a cash prize of $500, and their winning color name prominently displayed in the pack.

“We have received many perfectly inappropriate and objectionable suggestions over the years, and apparently we’re quite hard to impress,” said Offensive Crayons founder Alice Vaughn. “We’ve got $500 on the line for a really good color name, so don’t let us down!”

Vaughn said that Color Naming Contest entries should be witty and follow the Porn/Sex theme, with the joke or phrase fairly obvious “to even the dumbest person you know,” and to steer clear of the timely/topical. “We’re looking for the classics – crass and politically incorrect captions that will stand the test of time.”

The adults-only crayons, with gloriously obscene names such as Statutory Grape, Golden Shower Goldenrod and Travel Ban Brown, were developed in 2017 as a natural accompaniment to the wildly-popular adult coloring books currently selling by the millions worldwide.

The Offensive Crayons Color Naming Contest ends September 1st and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

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