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OhMiBod Announces ‘Love Language’ Contest Winner, Kaylin Moss


(Stratham, NH / August 18, 2021) — After a flood of incredible entries, OhMiBod ( has selected the winner of its ‘Love Language’ writing contest – Kaylin Moss, for her contemplative poem, ‘Ruby Red Lullaby’.

With their avant-garde designs and passion for out-of-the-box thinking, OhMiBod launched their Love Language Contest to demonstrate how much they value creativity, in all its artistic forms. The contest, which kicked off in July as part of OhMiBod’s 15th anniversary celebrations, will award the Poughkeepsie, New York college student a $1,000 writing scholarship to assist in her creative endeavors, a Winner’s Box full of OhMiBod pleasure products, featured placement on the company’s website home page and socials and alongside all customer orders in August.

“While sifting through the creative submissions, we were struck by the honest and open emotion crafted so beautifully in Kaylin’s work, not to mention the use of music throughout, which is something our products are well known for” said OhMiBod founder Suki Dunham. “We are proud to introduce her poetry to a larger audience through our ‘Love Language’ contest, as well as help bring her a bit closer to her future writing ambitions.”

‘Ruby Red Lullaby

Dreams which dreamt of dreams could not

Conceive your amorphous matter enveloping mine.

Now all I hear is your ruby red lullaby.

Your lyrics serenade me with a sultry swing beat.

Shuffle pause and repeat but your first song isn’t

Finished and I’m asking for the album.

I wish you were only a song.

I could get sick of you and you could never get sick of me.

We are more than eardrum vibrations.

We are a shared lucid dream.’

“Congratulations again to Kaylin for her outstanding work,” says Suki, “we’re excited to see what the future holds for this promising young poet!”

For more information visit, and follow on Twitter @OhMiBod.

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