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Old Habits Die Hard For John Bone?

Jimmy writes:

Petition for closure of Angeles City (Philippines) sex slave camps and bars.

Wiki info on child sex and sexual slavery in Angeles City.

Location where John Bowen fled to after being prosecuted in Thailand (Hint: Angeles City).

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he left one pedophile playground to go to another. Angeles City is second only to Cambodia for underage sex workers. I thought that may shed some light to what he may be up to once again. Old habits die hard it seems.

More info on how serious the child sex business is in Angeles City.

“Of some 500 sex workers in the town, about 75 percent are children, says Susan Pineda, head of the group Pro-Women Action.”

Love him or hate him, Bowen knows how to get away with it all. Everyone knows, yet not a single person every does anything about it.

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