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Older Guys Get Laid More Than Older Ladies

Old Guys Get Laid More than Old Ladies

As the years go by and you (and sadly I) get older, our sexual adventures may change slightly. We may even find ourselves thinking less about sex over time. This can all depend greatly on if you’re a man or a woman and a new study shows that as we age, men and women even think about sex in vastly different ways.

The good news for all us guys out there: Older Guys get laid much more than their female counterparts.

The study was conducted by the International Longevity Centre (ILC) to coincide with Valentine’s Day and since sex is important to us at PORN.COM we’ll take a moment to examine their findings (plus, we’re all getting older and need a pick-me-up).

So at the core of their study, experts at the ILC focused on the actual sexual activity of men and women and how often they thought about sex over a variety of age ranges. They specifically looked at men and women aged 66 to 85 and over and it showed that men were more likely to be sexually active well into their 80s and think about sex much more as well.

Men Have More Sex Late in Life

According to this study as men reach age 85 or above, 25% will remain sexual active while only 10% of women at that same age will engage in sexual activities.

Men VS Women - Late in Life Sex

Researchers are attributing this difference to a variety of factors but one of the leading contributors is the fact the men typically don’t live as long as women and this shorter lifespan gives women fewer options in their late years. There are simply fewer men to have sex with (assuming the women is heterosexual).

The study also showed that both men and women are sexually active longer than most realize. It shows that even by age 70, approximately 62% of men have had sex in the past year while 40% of women the same age can report the same kind of success.

Men Retain a Relatively High Sex Drive Later in Life

Men also thought about sex more frequently later in life and more consistently as they aged. The research showed that 30% of men aged 76 to 80 still thought about sex at least once a week while only 10% of women in that same age group shared in their dirty thoughts.

Men Vs Women - Late Life Sex

As we examine both men and women in different age groups you can really see that over time women think about sex less and less.

The simple fact is men are still having sex or they’re still lying about it to sound cool. This is normally where we’d add a bunch of images or videos of old people having sex but I want you all to have a pleasant weekend. With that in mind, I’ll still suggest our collection of Mature Sex Videos to end this post with a bang!

If you want to read more, check out the details at the ILC’s study entitled, Sexual desire and sexual activities in later life.

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