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On Bill Margold- Just for fun!

NL-I usually don’t attack people who haven’t spit on me first, but in Bill’s case, (Bill says “One, I hate Cindy at Luke is Back”) let me just say Margold consistently makes himself look like a moron, but is still supported by those in the industry. His “fund” raising campaigns pay his rent and feed his belly and his ego. When have you ever heard of him helping anyone? His last claim to fame was ruining the good spirit and movie that was to be for Ron Sullivan’s  benefit.

I LOVE the fact that Bill was “emphasizing” with Janine. After all, Bill is a perfectionist when it comes to spelling and grammar!

On Aug 19, 2008, at 12:37 PM, bmargold wrote:
Meanwhile Cindi Loftus picked up the WE ARE THE BARE BOWLING WORLD XXX press release and credited me with writing it.
You need to explain to her the facts of public relations life….that in fact a press release has no author other than the company that it is issued from.
You might also suggest that her site resembles a monkey cage at the zoo where feces throwing is the (dis)order of the day.
She will never be taken seriously if she continues to pander to the hate-mongers and misery-dispensers feed off the bottom of the internet food chain.

(NL-I think mr bill forgot a WHO or WHOM in that last sentence)

NL-I also wonder if Janine even knows that Margold is calling for this boycott. Seems to me if Sandra even heard about it, it would cause more problems in their rift.  Margold has taken this “duty of honor” upon himself to try and get on Janine’s good side so she shows up at his Legend Awards in January.

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