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On Guys with Female Profiles on MySpace

by Vicky Vette from her myspace blog

Guys! Be Proud of Your Manhood – No More Posing as Hot Chicks on the Internet!
So from time to time I get friend requests on social networks from ‘females’ who are really ultra ‘uber’ hot – the type that work out every day, party all night, and have super cool girl friends.  The profile usually says something like ‘Bi only girls’ or ‘Men, don’t bother.’  Usually the profile features a ‘girl’ who is smoking hot and every single one of ‘her’ friends is either a model, pornstar or smoking hot girl.  I have a bit of a giggle especially when the messages to me say something like…. ‘hey gurl, you’re hot, wanna chat?’ 

One such profile is SininVegas, an ultra hot blonde babe living in Vegas.  I was tipped off that SininVegas might be a phoney by a couple of things….. well, first there was the ultra hot blonde with the awesome bod with all of her friends being hot chicks who wants to meet beautiful women – ahhh life is good for SininVegas!  Trust me, if you are bi or lesbian, every girl usually has at least one male friend… if nothing else to scare off unwanted male advances and stalkers!  If you are going to put up a fake profile as a girl at least add some hunks to the page.  Add Brad Pitt as an example to throw people like me off your trail.  I want to meet beautiful women too but I have guy friends on my page!

The second dead give away….. SininVegas was USING MY PICTURE (pic number 3)…. carefully cropped to cut off my head.  Trust me, those are my boobles and I did not loan them to SininVegas.  Bit of advice, if you are going to pose as a hot girl, don’t use pictures of well known pornstars… it might blow the cover of your dress right off!  I did post a comment on my own picture though… how cool is that?!  Funnier still, I wrote to SininVegas to see if she/he would accept me… ‘lauren’ accepted me saying how pleased she/he was that I would seek to add her!  

So, I just don’t understand this since I get a lot of these types of profiles.  Guys, do you really think that posing as a girl will mask your ‘male-radar’ enought to get you more girl friends that will actually chat with you?  Do you really think that by indicating you have a couple of fun bags, that girls will somehow trust and befriend you – sort of like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie?  Do you have some magical master plan that ultimately, by posing as an ultra hot vixen, you are going to get laid by all of the girls that you are seeking to befriend?  Is this some real deep down desire to wear a dress and talk about feminine issues with hot models?

I am calling on all men to be proud of your manhood! Be proud of your packages!   There is nothing wrong with being a man…. well, most of the time.

As always thanks for listening to my thoughts from my small part of the internet universe.

Vicky Vette
Beam me up Scotty!
Note… this is not directed to those who are into the lifestyle of wearing dresses etc…… which I support 100% if that is your thing!

As a postscript and afterthought…. I tend to deal with a lot of people in my profession.  I am here to network. I write back to guys, girls, and pics of cars, trains, jets, and even pet monkeys.  If you are crazy enough to write to a 43 year old MILF dressed up as a cop telling you to join the Vette Nation – I will welcome you with open arms.  Just saying, don’t think you have to have a nice pair of knockers to get my attention…… ?

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