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On Jayden Jaymes- Who WAS her Agent? Cuz She Fired Them…-UPDATE

from Jayden’s blog

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NL- I’m told her agent WAS A-List Talent. (Thanks P)

Jayden Writes-Anyway… on with my porn life!

I’ve been shooting like CRAZY for my website and we’re planning on launching in August! I’m so excited! Plus, I just shot my highly anticipated first IR (interracial) scene in over 2 years… and it was GREAT! Believe me… I’ll be doing more of those! And as for the anal stuff… I’m still working on it. It HURTS! But, I’m pushing my limits to see what I can give you guys! I want to offer my members things that they can’t get anywhere else, and that would include mainly IR and anal scenes.

I’ve also had a little bit of drama going on with my agent and them screwing up a very important shoot and, of course, putting the blame on me! And the fact that this was not the first time they’ve screwed up, I had to let them go. I’d actually like to explain this one to you so you guys can see what my life is like:

My agency emails me EVERYTHING! It’s a request that I made so that I have documentation of everything. If they have a new booking, it’s emailed. If they’re sending me shoot info, it’s emailed. All of my emails go straight to my BlackBerry, so I can get back to them ASAP and approve everything. Well, about a week before this particular incident, I emailed them telling them not to book me on the 1st or 2nd of July because I was shooting content all day both days. And when I say I’m shooting, that means I’ve put thousands of dollars into a location, my crew, my talent, food, accessories, etc. It’s a BIG and EXPENSIVE day. Anyway, the email that I received back from that was, “Darn, I was trying to book you with Teravision on the 2nd, but I’ll find another day.” So, nothing in regards to the 1st. Anyway, as I was at Magic Mountain on the 30th, we’d been emailing back and forth and again I mentioned that I couldn’t shoot on the 2nd because I was shooting content all day on the 1st AND 2nd. Then I get a disturbing email: “Hunny, you’re booked with Digital Playground on the 1st.”

EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!?

How come I didn’t know about this??? How come I don’t have it in either of the two calendars I keep??? How come no one mentioned it when I sent you an email LAST WEEK saying that I need the 1st and 2nd off??? Oh… I was PISSED! Then, they try to tell me that I VERBALLY approved it over a month ago. Umm… I don’t verbally approve ANYTHING… and it’s situations like this that I request everything to be handled via email, so I have proof of everything. I couldn’t find anything about this shoot, and, of course, when I told them originally that I needed the day off, they didn’t say anything about me already being booked! WTF?!?!?! So, I told them I wouldn’t be able to do it because of the big day I had. Plus, being that I’ve shot for this particular director 6 times in the past month, I hoped he wouldn’t take it too harsh. Well, my agency tried to run the guilt trip on me, “This script had a part written around you… They need YOU… blah, blah, blah…” Yeah, I started to feel bad, what what am I supposed to do? Throw away thousands of dollars on MY shoot and let my entire crew down? I don’t think so.

Of course, I told my agency that they fucked up big time with this shoot and now, thanks to them, this director is gonna be PISSED at me and I’m gonna get a bad rep with the company who I’ve grown to absolutely LOVE over the past month. But, in porn, one fuck up is all it takes! So, in return, my agent tells me that I’m the one that fucked up and I’m making myself look bad! Are you kidding me??? The owner tells me that I was perfectly aware of this shoot and even had a discussion about it with the director the last time they shot me. Ummm… I don’t think so! Don’t you think that I would’ve handled it then if I had known about it?!?! And, if I had known about the shoot all along, WE WOULD NOT BE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION!

Am I right here or what???

So, because they made it such a huge ordeal, I told them to take me off the site… they no longer work for me. Of course, I get a long email from the owner say this and that and they’ve made me this much money, etc., so I in turn wrote back about my complaints on this and that, and that my last check was in the mail for them. I was so irritated that they did that. How dare they try to pin that on me and make me look bad when I have documentation that I needed this day off, and they had NOTHING about me approving that shoot to begin with. I get so pissed off when they do that because you know they’ll never tell the company that they fucked up, they’ll just call and say, “Jayden can’t do the shoot… she double-booked herself and she doesn’t want to cancel the other shoot.” So, I look like the bad guy. I pay them a huge chuck of money and they can’t seem to handle their shit. And this definitely isn’t the first time I’ve gotten into it with them, so I was DONE at that point. And the fact that I had to have these conversations/arguments while with my little brother and sister, standing in lines at a theme park with other families and kids around… I was fed up.

Well, that huge amount of money they made me is actually a huge amount of commission that they made off me… and it’s now gone. Sorry guys. Better luck next time. I’m not a dumb ass and you can’t push me around and make ME look bad. I’m DONE!

Anyway, that was my drama. But, I’m over it. I’ve sent out my emails and text messages to everyone I know telling them that I’m not independent again. Agent or not… I can still pull in a very large monthly income. I’m better without an agent… at least if I fuck up, all there is to blame is myself. There’s no middle man and no covering it up… just me. Yay!

Well, I’m off to enjoy my day off… Lunch with a friend, a movie, mani/pedi, tanning… all the good things in life! Enjoy what’s left of your holiday weekend!

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