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On The Set with Greg Chapman

NL-Greg Chapman is a writer, a reviewer, an XRCO voter and long time friend of mine. He talks about his trip to a set with Director Ivan.

Last spring I went to Hollywood for the 25th annual XRCO awards.  Ivan invited me to an address somewhere in West Hills, where he was shooting a scene for Anabolic’s Nice Rack 17. I’m sure you’ve probably seen the pool or the inside of the place of few times if you watch a lot of porn. 

Anyway, I got dropped off at the cul-de-sac where the address led me. As I’m about to head to the gate and push the intercom, a Benz rolls up. The gate slides open and I slip in behind the car like a ninja. Up a steep driveway was the house where I meet Ivan’s brother Ricky D., who immediately lead me out to the pool area where Ivan was shooting some solo girl footage of a big titter newcummer who I didn’t recognize at the time. I thought to myself, “Wow, here I am in the midst of a porn shoot watching this chick with big juggs oil up her boobs.”  It reminded me of my music journalism days when I could get on the guest list and a backstage pass via the power of the indie press.

Once the camera stopped, I finally met Ivan for the first time after bumping a few texts and  knowing him online a few years.  I liked his stuff for Evolution, most notably his Youth N Asia series. Anyway, he was cool as expected and introduced me to the big titter whose name was Devin Rae. Alas, one must take what cards the porn gods deal on any given day, so I did a quick interview with her and found out she was from Wisconsin, her most notable thing was somehow owning piece of the Green Bay Packers. She came to L. A. and got into the porn game to make some money for tuition never to return again she claimed.

During scene preparations, I was joined on the empty fountain ledge by German meat puppet Sascha who was filling out the 2257 paperwork. Didn’t know he had a last name, but according to his business card it’s “Libido.” Lol. He was quick to self-market himself with talking points. Later on, he’d try to scold me when I was snapping pix during the bts interview and the camera would click. I shot him daggers and clicked away, yeah right, the only person I listen to on this set is Ivan. Who, by the way is as laid back as it gets.

I wandered around the yard, soaked up the view and hung out on the patio where there was a vending machine that only could exist in the porn world. It was filled with candy, mints, condoms, douche kits, cigs, phillies blunts, lil booze bottles, everything one needs, but joints of med weed. Drat.

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