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One Minute to Remember What Today is really for…

I’m on killer deadline. As a matter of fact I just finished my last article for the magazine that goes to print in the morning. So it certainly wasn’t a day, or a weekend off for me. I was so busy I didn’t even have time to post on LIB today. But I wanted to make sure that I took at least a minute today to stop…. and think…. about what today is for, and what it means.


Today is the day to remember all the Veterans, all the soldiers, those that died or were wounded, those that are fighting for us right now, everyone who has served our country to protect us.

Whether we agree with this war, or past wars, doesn’t really matter today. What matters is that we care about, think about, and give thanks for all the soldiers and their families who have done without, who have suffered and continue to suffer, who live with financial hardship, who visit graves, who worry daily about someone who has or is protecting the american way of life, and our freedoms.

So please STOP and THINK, for just ONE MINUTE. One minute of time sure isn’t shit when you compare it to what they have given and continue to give, is it?

If you have FIVE MINUTES you can e-mail a soldier who would love to hear from you. Go here   for more info.






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