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One Year Anniversary for LIB- Remember when?

On June 18th 2008, I started writing all the content on Luke Ford and I had decided to enter into a contract that would allow me to take over LIB permanently.

My first bunch of posts weren’t all that exciting. As a matter of fact, several people called them LAME. There was a reason for that. Out of respect for Luke I didn’t want to swear or post anything controversial. He still owned the site and I was in charge of it, giving him all the liability for whatever I said. He trusted me with that, and I appreciated his confidence in me. So stories on the newest Rocky movie were the post of the day. (Yes, I know. I already said LAME!)

It took another week or so for Luke & I to agree on everything and finalize the paperwork. On June 30th Luke did an exit interview and I was now in charge of LIB, for better or worse.

I started raising the bar a little at a time on what I wrote or posted. We had the “We Are The World XXX situation where Amber Lynn & Bill Margold were in conflict with others, all in the name of raising money to help Henri Pachard pay for his medical bills. We had interviews with Ava Rose, Chris Cannon, Gauge & Hyapatia Lee. We found out that Marc Wallace was still working in porn, I did a series on Porn Star Prisoners  and  that was in the first month!

All those stories were while I was anonymous. Remember? No one (well only a few people) knew who was running LIB. I was afraid that people finding out it was me (nice sweet me, and a GIRL) would hurt my traffic.

About July 20th, I sent a note out to Rog Pipe & Darrah that they could out me and they did. And my traffic was just fine.

Many readers and commenters didn’t like the “new” LIB or me, and they certainly let me know! There were many times in the first few months that I asked myself if I did the right thing. Was I out of my mind?

Well it’s now been a year.  I love LIB and all it’s good and bad. It is a huge part of my life. And  I know now that yes, I did the right thing. I really love you guys (well sometimes I hate some of you, lol), but over all it’s been a wild ride, and I look forward to all our years to come.

Can you believe it’s been a YEAR since this whole crazy thing started?

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