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Have you heard of the OnlyFans hype yet? If you haven’t, I’m here to make sure you don’t get left out. OnlyFans is for everyone; it is not celebrity exclusive. Right from celebs and influencers to amateur models, it can be used by anyone almost everywhere. It is a membership platform where users can pay to see adult performers do their thing while giving the ‘earners’ an opportunity to sell their adult content through monthly subscriptions to their fans. Basically, it is a general app, but for obvious reasons, you will be hooked to the filthy shit on the platform.

Now that you have an idea of what OnlyFans is all about, let’s dig into this money making prospect. I’m sure you will need all the details you can get about this revolutionary porn platform and how you can make money as an adult performer. Not to make it sound obvious, but you will need to be of 18 and above years to pursue this.

Getting started

OnlyFans is used by all and sundry including fitness bloggers, dieticians and more. However, it has proved to be the Holy Grail for cam girls, adult models, porn creators, and porn stars who upload photos, videos, and live streams. What makes the deal even yummier is that you can charge whatever rates you want for monthly subscriptions as there is no upper limit. Fuck it, take it to $1 million if you want!

Put your head together now and let’s discuss with the basics. To use OnlyFans as a subscriber or as an earner, you need to have a user account. However, the sign-up process is straightforward, and you could get started in no time. Note that all genders are welcome and pretty much anyone can make money here.

Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, OnlyFans allows users to post explicit adult content, so as an earner, you can post as much X-rated material as you can without worrying about your account being banned.

How much do I get to earn?

Good question. OnlyFans models make 80% of all the transactions that take place on the site. As mentioned, you can set your own subscription rates with a minimum rate of $4.99 per month and $5.00 for private messaging.

According to an experienced performer, the secret to a big payday is keeping your fans constantly engaged and entertained by regularly uploading content. Uploading something new daily, whether a photo or video, is therefore highly advisable. Some models are making thousands of dollars per month while the right timing can even rake you a grand in a few hours. Let’s do the maths; you have 800 fans that you charge $10 a month. Is that enticing enough for you? Should be.

Services that are likely to can make you good cash

Premium Fanclub Subscriptions: these are actually the main focus at OnlyFans. However, your content is blocked/ censored until you get a subscriber. The onus is on you to make content that people will want to pay for. Once they’ve subscribed, they will be able to access the content and interact with you via message. They will need to renew their monthly subscription to keep enjoying your content which means more residual income for you.

Send Paid Messages: that’s right. You can send paid messages to your subscribers. To access the content of your message, your fans will have to pay to unlock. The paid message is integrated with the normal messaging system, and all you need to do is upload the locked message via the messenger and set the price. Your fans will be automatically charged once they confirm that they are willing to pay to view the content. Like I said earlier, the minimum you can charge for paid messages is $5.

It is safe and secure

Do not let the horror stories about security breaches in other sites stand between you and your potential money. OnlyFans offers the safest and most secure platform possible. To demonstrate their commitment, sensitive personal information like name and address are hosted on a different server and are fully encrypted.

In addition, financial information like bank account details are also fully secured, and the site doesn’t access the info, only a token to help them manage the information once it has been fully verified.

OnlyFans mobile friendliness

This one is another major plus. The site recognizes that the future of browsing is mobile and wants you to connect with your fans wherever you go. You can use your mobile devices to upload or live stream and make money on the road. Fucking convenient, right?

The bottom line

In this social media era, guys would take even the slightest opportunity to get close to the adult performers they get off to. You can use this platform to treat your fans with an intimate experience and get paid while at it. empowers the performer by cutting out the middle man and providing them with a stable source of income. To top it up, as a performer, you get to choose who you want to have sex with, which is so unlike studio produced porn.

Ultimately, you will be making porn, getting paid for it and be in control throughout, something mainstream porn stars cannot relate. Don’t even think about it, get the fucking account already!

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