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op/ed by The Colonel on Internet Piracy- No Gray Space

No Gray Space

By The Colonel Op/Ed

There was a time in this country  when people didn’t need to lock their doors, when American workers were working in American factories, when running a news paper was as profitable as it was respectable , when being in a rock band was about partying and getting chicks and getting wasted; and when you didn’t have to argue with baggers and parasites and petty thieves about why they should pay for using your product.  But times are changing, and every generation gets more stupid, more irresponsible, and more decadent until we eventually hit the rock fucking bottom.

Now our neighborhoods have turned into ghost towns with all empty, foreclosed homes, the line of unemployed American workers are stretching longer every day, news papers are disappearing into thin air, being in a rock band means eating shit and playing in ghetto clubs because like news,  porn and so many other things nobody feels compelled to pay for a music album; and you have to argue to prove why do deserve a fucking compensation in exchange for your product. Times are changing, and we’re at the end of our ropes.

Face it, folks. It’s not hard to see how this nation has become intellectually retarded, financially shattered and morally bankrupt. It’s crystal clear, and it’s fucking hopeless. Period.

Now let’s focus on the internet piracy for one second. All I can say is that when a decent, logical and sane human being uses a product, regardless of the nature of that product, he must feel compelled to pay for that product. This exchange of currency with product and services has been the oldest tradition in human history, the essence of maintaining the financial balance and health of every society since the dawn of man.  Today, however,  greed and ignorance are threatening to destroy this balance, everybody wants to take everything with no obligation only because he can, and this is a cancerous habit that’s poisoning our society from top to bottom, from the corrupt  politicians at the Capitol Hill to fat cats at Wall Street and college kids behind the computers in Small Town, U.S.A.  Dangers of this habit are so vivid I don’t even feel the need to explain them. Let me just put it this way:  it’s a ripple effect; if you don’t pay for your news, your music or your porn, in the long run publications and musicians and producers can’t provide you with the product, and you too will eventually pay the ultimate price. We’re all in this together, whether you like it or not. Now one last thing: if after everything said, you still want to steal from me just because you can, go ahead, be my fucking guest, just shut your face and don’t try to justify what you do. Thieving is thieving, there are no two ways about it, no buts or ifs or whats. You can’t reach for my pocket and at the same time argue with me about the legitimacy of your action. There’s nothing justifiable, elaborate or legitimate about thieving; and that’s just that: in plain black and white and no gray space in between.

Back in 2000, Metallica sued Napster over the illegal share of their music, and that angered many of their fans who accused them of being greedy and selfish and a lot of things. But now the damages done to the music  industry and bands by the internet piracy are so clear nobody needs to write an article to address them. However, back then Lars Ulrich, the band’s drummer did his best to defend their position and explain to people why and how they’re on a dangerous path. In an interview with Charlie Rose he said: ‘Let me give you an example. If a mechanic wants to listen to my music for free, then I want to go to that mechanic and have him do an oil change and tune up for my car for free.’

I couldn’t say it any better. Think about it, and draw your own conclusion.           

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