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OP/ED info on the suspects and what happens in Tittie bars

NL-I did a quick edit and spell check on this for Sophia because she asked me to.

OP/ED by Sophia Mounds

The money is really bad in most clubs. Some stripers still make money. Even I have bad days and the biz has become unpredictable, no one really knows if their gonna make any money. Plus you have girls who stopped making money at their clubs and are coming to yours hoping to make money.

I believe what hapened to Mia was because she is one of the top money makers there. And violence does happen to exotic dancers who other women feel threatened by.

I remember when I first started in a tittie bar on Sepulvida. I was talking to a guy, who I thought was alone. When I walked to the bar a woman followed me. I turned around and she told me if I ever talked to him again, that she would cut my face up with a beer bottle. I quit working there,

I know that the topless/bikini bars are even more violent because of the Alcohol.

By the way I forgot to tell you that, that scumbag Nathanal, just got out of jail after doing 8 months and the rumor was he was a pimp and the girl with him was his girl/ho.

And that they had poured gasoline on her and thats why the fire wouldn’t go out. Oh and my other friend who works there just cried when she saw what happened to Mia.

As for me I never trusted that guy. And now I’m gonna be a lot more careful.

NL- more info and pics of the victim and the suspects in posts below

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