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OP/ED Zealous Sells off Adult Biz to Baptist Minister?

NL-I received this info via an anon email. I checked it out and it seems to be accurate. But please form your own opinion.

OP/ED Reader Email

XBiz should have spelled Ault’s name with two Ds. It is Milton “Todd” Ault the third. The sale is allegedly a done deal, with “Health and Wellness Partners” being sold to a company called Angel Acquisitions. However according to this press release on the sale,, the company acquiring it is also now going to be run by Lew Graham, who happens to be the Secretary of Zealous’ newly renamed Corestream Energy. Additonally, Michael Edward, who is a serial board members of many of Ault’s companies according to and will be on the Angel Acquisitions board as well. That seems to always be the case with Ault’s companies –  the same people turn up over and over again, even if the company changes names and stock symbols, the management includes some of the same people every time.
Interestingly, this Angel Acquisitions is not licensed in their claimed State of Business Location, which is listed as Carson City, Nevada. I have checked under both the owner’s name (Steve Bonenberger and the company name, and turned up nothing.
Oh – and for a funny sidebar on the whole Health and Wellness Partners – read up on the existing Angel Acquisitions page:  and you will find the head of this company, Steven Bonenberger, is a Baptist Minister, author and talk show host, as well as a financial guy. This press release ( from AA says, he is staying on after the acquisition; “Bonenberger will continue to serve as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors.” I wonder if The Right Reverend Bonenberger has any idea that he is going to be selling penis pills and that presumably the dating site AdultSpot and stripper magazine, Stiletto come with this “deal”?

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