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Open Letter To Derek Hayes

Sportswami emails:

Derek/Ben… just let it die! For over three years this man has been a pain in my side because unlike everyone else he meets, I don’t fear him or obey him. As any journalist or reporter can tell you, in order to get results you have to be a bit dogged and tiresome to get things. From interviews, shows, following leads, scheduling people and other things. I consider myself to be a good natured and friendly person but this Agent/Pimp has been unable to just let it go.

Maybe he is pissed because I haven’t cowered like some of his girls. Maybe he is irate because when he called me up and threatened to stalk me I asked him what it felt like to blow a guy. Or maybe he is pissed with me because for the past three years in which he has put me on the banned list, I am still getting guests, still doing shows, and there is nothing he can do about it. I work another job and go to sleep around midnight (eastern time) so there is no way I can possible call someone out in the west Coast. Too damn tired and too old to do that.

The biggest regret I ever had so far was doing business with Ben English way back as the man tried to stiff me 300 dollars, refused to ever take my calls when I wanted to run commericals by him, and generally belittled me and everyone else that comes in contact with him.

I am pissed that I even have to write this letter because there are at least a dozen things I need to get done today besides getting in a pissing war with a sex trafficer. Numerous people in the adult industry have told me to let it go and not respond to it but it seems Derek just wants to attack me. I ask him as a gentleman and a professional to just let it die! I have stopped thinking about him now for over a year. Clearly this man is obessed and seems to just pick fights (Brett Rockman, Marcus London, Cayton Cailey, Rob Spallone) when half the time he can’t find work for half the girls he repersents.

If Derek has something to say to me, he can always email me face to face and stop resorting to insulting. But then again from a man whom I have learned most of the industry hates and wants to see dead in the grave, its no small stretch to see why.

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