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Oscar Dress Malfunctions


While the AVN awards in Las Vegas feature a plethora of scantily clad women and sexy antics are expected, the same can sometimes be said of the biggest night in Hollywood; especially when you’ve got Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane at the helm of the (captain Kirk space) ship.


Captain Kirk brings fair warning!

(At 33 seconds, priceless man’s reaction to Naomi Watts’ b00bs)

As always, fashion is at the top of the list when it comes to the Academy Awards. People can’t wait to gossip about the good (and bad) outfits that the Hollywood actresses dare to grace the red carpet in. This year, we saw some massive cleavage, as well as a see thru-ish ensemble to dr00l at. Let’s take a look at what the Hollywood Gods provided for us this year, shall we?

Anne Hathaway

I know 100% while I was watching the Oscars, I had to do a double triple-take after seeing Anne Hathaway’s dress. It’s said she switched dresses at the last minute due to a co-star sporting a very similar style, and she simply couldn’t be imitated on the red carpet. I’m happy she switched, so we could see her nipples in all their glory. This immediately spawned a twitter account dedicated to Hathaway’s nipples, which gained thousands of Oscar followers instantaneously! What a slip-up!

They’re Like Arrows Pointing and Saying “LOOK HERE! TITTIES!”

Heidi Klum

What a cougar! She sure was brave to enter the building wearing this little number.












Liberty Ross

Brandi Glanville


















Britney Spears!

Wow, who would have thought we’d see Britney Spears back and looking as hot as she did in 2004? It’s a fucking miracle! Time machine magic! Oops, she did it again – this time, at some private Oscar after-parties.


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