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Otto & Audrey Update me, New Movies, and the PIG

NL-I got a sweet and funny note for Otto Bauer & Audrey Hollander.  The pig reference is from the Xmas card I sent them that had a pig with a santa hat  on the front and inside ” Go ahead and be naughty this Christmas-no one will squeal on you” I know, it’s corny.

Hello Cindi,
Thank you for the Christmas card- Are you suggesting that we are pigs or that we should try to be more pig-like?
Either way, we howled at the card.

We’ve been busy producing and directing (and performing in) a slew of features for Daring Media from Europe.
I really enjoy bringing REAL hardcore to the feature screen where I get a chance to work a story-line for a few days- it’s fun.

I just wrapped a movie that will send my work in a new direction for 09. It’s called “True Vice” and is an homage to the
Detective/ Confidential/ Vice Blotter/ True Crime genre. I’m gonna do this sort of format for a while, I think. It was a TON of fun
to suggest the genre and style while being SOOOO careful not to step-on the WAY-HARD seXXXX.

We did one last month
called SwingTown that was fun too. Hopefully it will give comfort, guidance, and support to the good citizens of America
who seek to screw their neighbor;)
We have been out of the country several times then in-and-out of the edit cave for months now. Sorry we haven’t kept in touch better.
Oh, regarding your Q about the AVN noms- “We are thrilled to know that AVN watches and supports the filthy, nasty stuff we do on camera. We can only hope and dream that the Award Jury thinks highly of assholes, elbows, and cum-smeared make-up.”
Perhaps this year they will take a turn to the unwholesome LOL.
I hope that you are well and that you enjoyed the holidays.
Audrey says hello- when do we get to have our ‘private’ time with you?

(NL- The answer to that question is- ANY TIME YOU WANT! lol)
All our best,
Otto and Audrey

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