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Our Bad Ass Frank writes a Book on Pimpin’

Sex sells. But who gets the commission?

As a porn agent, I did. Plus I got the girls, sixty inch flat screen TV’s, the girls, acid reflux, soul crushing guilt, the girls, anxiety, Chlamydia, two girls at a time, a beach pad, more girls, depression, a few good friends, hilarious stories and, quite possibly, redemption.
My name is Frank Prather, aka Bad Ass Frank, and I’m a former manager for adult actresses.

I went from being on the cusp of a career as a television comedy writer, to owning a successful boutique adult talent agency, to my eventual awakening and retirement from the business. My story is about my three years in the industry, my relationships with the girls, and the daily internal struggle with my own morality. Plus it details an intimate look at the lives, personalities and psychologies of some of my clients, who eventually came to be my friends. All with my “holy shit no way!” sense of humor. It’s compelling, sordid, outrageous and hilarious all at once. It’s a story not about “porn”, but about people. Nobody tells a story like I do…nobody.

Every two weeks I’ll be posting excerpts from the upcoming book to be release in Feb 2009. You’ve never seen the industry from this POV, er, perspective.

Read more about the upcoming book on my website,

Direct link to book info: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy – An Insider’s Tale of Sex, Heartbreak, and Paranoid Schizophrenia in the Adult Film Industry.

Direct link to the first excerpt: Chapter 1 – Six Showers Away From A Hug

All material is Copyrighted 2008/2009 Frank Prather. No reprints in part or in whole without the express written consent of the author.

Frank Prather
aka Bad Ass Frank

Smart. Hot. Funny. Any Questions?

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