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Our Ruby on Politics…

from her myspace blog

Well, it’s election time again, and for some of you, this is an exciting time, for me it’s scary.

Election time is when the local goverment chooses to teach whores a lesson, they raid clubs and bust girls who don’t know any better after they’ve partied all night and felt these girls up properly. 

I don’t feel represented by my government and basicly feel like they wish I would go away. Mind you these are the very same people who patronize me and others.

How many sex workers are living in America who are subjugated not by the work they do, but by their local government. How many of you don’t even vote because they feel it’s futile, that we will never reform the sex laws. 

So it’s hard for me to get excited about elections, maybe I’ll run myself someday, after all Italy had La Ciccolina.

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