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Packers? or Steelers? Superbowl 2011

UPDATE- Congrads Packers and Pack Fans! A well Deserved Victory

UPDATE- Half time show ROCKED!



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NL-First thing, when I work up this morning I had a question from Ruby Knox asking- “Packers? or Steelers?”  So I am going to ask you guys the same thing. Since today is obviously THEE day for the question. Please also answer WHY? to who you picked.


Here is my answer to Ruby “I know nothing about sports and don’t watch it unless i am reporting on it. But Packers because that’s my Dad’s team ? “

I will have the game on and the DVR on because I want to watch the commercials and the half time show, and of course know if the Packers win, so I can hit my Dad up for a percentage of his winnings, lol

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