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Palin: Dominionist-Be afraid, very afraid !

Sarah Palin: Dominionist : As Ultra Right Wing As They Get!

Rant by EAL

What is a Dominionist?

wikipedia…Dominionism refers to the belief that civil government should be controlled by Christians alone and conducted according to Biblical law.…(Read between the lines, that means NO other religions, and certainly NO adult material allowed)

Sorry to have to get SO political, but, “morally, as a member of the “Adult Industry” and a believer in the First Amendment and all personal rights that are for now granted to us in the Constitution I feel very strongly that this MUST be brought into the forefront.

Religion, especially in this country, gets a free ride, a “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” when it comes to scrutiny, Many times the “Mainstream” media will stay away from any story regarding the religion of a candidate ESPECIALLY for those running for Vice President or President.

But this is different….. this is not “RELIGION” as most people know it. This is ULTRA RIGHT WING, and very Dangerous. I laughed and oohed and aaahed with everyone else about the sex scandals, But to find out that Sahah Palin is even REMOTELY involved with the DOMINIONISTS … quite frankly, SCARES ME!!!!

Read more and see a bunch of videos of Sarah at church here

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