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Palin had premarital sex and so did her daughter


by Darrah Ford of PornStarBabylon

I had bookmarked several pages of pictures of when Sarah Palin was supposedly pregnant with her youngest son Trig but now those pictures are down. Now I’m reading how many of the pictures taken of when Sarah Palin was supposedly pregnant with her youngest son Trig have been mysteriously been taken down across the web. But every picture showing Trig is him being held by Sarah’s oldest daughter Bristol. No pictures yet have surfaced yet of Sarah Palin actually holding “her” son Trig.

Sarah Palin preaches morality and morals. Preaches abstinence and no pre-marital sex. Though Sarah herself eloped with husband Todd on August 29, 1988 and gave birth to son Track eight months later. Which means Sarah only got married because she was pregnant. She didn’t abstain from sex and was having pre-marital sex.

Now her 17-year-old daughter Bristol is pregnant. But quite possibly pregnant with her second child. Bristol was pulled out of school for eight months due to “mono” at the same time her mother Sarah was pregnant with her youngest child Trig who has down syndrome. No one is pulled from school for eight months due to mono. You have it for a few weeks or at the most two or three months. Why was Bristol pulled from school for that long of time? The rumors are that mother of the year Sarah Palin faked being pregnant and forced her daughter Bristol to give up all claims to her own child so to save Sarah political embarrassment of having her 16-year-old daughter pregnant and not married.

Sarah also preaches about being anti-choice and says she chose not to abort Trig knowing he has down syndrome. Her whole political platform is telling women what they can or cannot do with their bodies. And telling parents how to raise their children when Sarah Palin can’t even raise her own children. Bristol is now pregnant with her second child and Trig is only four months old. Bristol got pregnant right after giving birth to Trig! She must either hate her mother Sarah real bad or be an incredible stupid girl who doesn’t know what the meaning of birth control is. And Sarah is extremely an irresponsible parent by not putting her daughter on birth control so to prevent her daughter from getting pregnant again.

I’ve seen pictures of when Sarah was suppose to be seven months pregnant but she wasn’t even sporting a bump at all. But family photos of Bristol show her with a baby bump at the time her mother Sarah was supposedly pregnant with her youngest child Trig.

Sarah Palin’s own staff didn’t know she was pregnant while others saying she never even looked pregnant. I’ve seen pictures of her pregnant with her first child Track and she gained alot of weight. Why suddenly is she not showing a baby bump at all with her youngest child but her oldest daughter Bristol was showing a baby bump at the same time of her mother Sarah’s pregnancy?

Sarah was still flying when no pregnant women should be flying especially during a high-risk pregnancy. Her amniotic fluid started leaking but she stayed to give a speech in Texas. Her water broke but she says she stayed to give a speech in Texas and then took an eight hour flight back home to Alaska. No real pregnant woman goes through this. And no real mother goes back to work three days after giving birth to a down syndrome baby. Sarah has only cared about her career and saving her holier than thou image. Sarah Palin was never pregnant with Trig. Bristol is Trig’s mother and Sarah Palin has a seat reserved in hell for what she has done to her daughter Bristol.

What kind of a mother forces her daughter to give up her claim to her child so she won’t be politically embarrassed by having an underage pregnant daughter? What about Trig’s real father? Was he paid off so to also give up claim to his son? Is Bristol’s current boyfriend the father of Trig as well as her current unborn baby? How can Sarah Palin enforce “abstinence only” education in schools when her own underage daughter is pregnant with her second child and Sarah herself only got married because she was pregnant with her first child?

If Sarah Palin was not a vice presidential candidate now, she would be lying once again and saying she is pregnant with her sixth child. She would also once again be forcing her daughter Bristol to once again give up her claim to another child. If Sarah’s other daughter’s also got pregnant, would she one day be saying she’s pregnant with her 10th, 15th, or 20th child?

Do not tell women what they can or cannot do with their bodies and how parents should raise their children and what kind of sex education should be taught at schools when you can’t even take control of your own family. How can you take control of a country and be second in command? John McCain and Sarah Palin actually had the nerve to think they could pick up the female votes

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