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Paradigm Net Media to Host VR Educational Workshop for APAC Members on July 9th in Hollywood

Adult industry VR expert and content creator, Telly from Paradigm Net Media, is scheduled to present an educational workshop for APAC members on July 9th at 8pm at Boardners in Hollywood, CA. Hosted by APAC, the workshop is free to attend by APAC members and all active performers (performing in the last year) by signing up to join at the event.

“The goal of this seminar is to show APAC members that VR content creation is within their reach and how the methodology of minimal viable products coupled with Paradigm Net Media’s ‘Three C’s’ philosophy can help them create immersive experiences for their fans,” stated Telly, technology curator for Paradigm Media. “It is our belief that only through the market of diverse erotic experiences can we generate consumer confidence in VR as a profitable and viable long-term venture.”

The extensive workshop will cover important topics like current market trends and untapped content opportunities while explaining the philosophy of minimal viable products and how APAC members can create their own content using readily available hardware. Telly will outline new technologies in the marketplace, including YouTube’s recent addition of 3D180 to their VR offerings, and a general overview of Paradigm Net Media’s trials and tribulations in creating a workflow for achieving a concept they coin as the “Three C’s of importance” for VR: comfort, content, and clarity.


Telly continued, “We believe the best way to elevate the VR niche in porn is by sharing information and resources with others: what works, what doesn’t work, and the idea that success can be shared without dilution of profits. We’re particularly excited about the opportunity to present this workshop to APAC members, as we’re seeing more and more performers taking content creation into their own hands. We’d like to help create a more diverse content landscape in porn, which in turn, can potentially turn into higher profits for both VR producers and performers. We are very thankful for Ela Darling and everyone at APAC for allowing us this opportunity to converse and share with our industry friends.”


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Paradigm Net Media, Inc. is a consulting company with a specialty in VR video content creation, post-production, digital product strategy, and B2B collaboration. Visit their official website at


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