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Paradise Marketing Introduces Specialty SlimFit Condoms with Snugger Sizing

Paradise Marketing

Paradise Marketing, America’s Number One source of condoms and lubricants, introduces SlimFit, the slightly smaller specialty condom that delivers a tighter grip for more intense pleasure – available now at

The well-lubricated premium latex condom is sized slightly smaller (about 5%) in diameter than regular sheaths, with a straight shaft design to make it less likely to slip off while in use, delivering a more overall sensitive feel.

“In order to serve our wholesale customers better with more sizing options, we’ve introduced the Paradise brand SlimFit signature condom,” said Dennis Paradise, President and CEO of Paradise Marketing. “In order to enhance your experience, prevent slipping and breakage and ensure protection, the right size condom matters.”

A companion product to Paradise Classic Lubricated condoms, the SlimFit condoms are available in 40 count bowls with a safety seal, or in clinic packaging in boxes of 1000.

To purchase Paradise SlimFit condoms, visit

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