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Paradise Marketing Premieres Pride Condoms for LGBTQ+ Community

Paradise Marketing

Paradise Marketing, America’s Number One source of condoms and lubricants, is celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community with the introduction of PRIDE specialty condoms.

The world’s first premium triple-lubricated, ultra-resistant latex condoms offer discerning users the ultimate barrier from sexually-transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS, without sacrificing pleasure or sensitivity.

“We are happy to support a line that addresses the community,” said Dennis Paradise, President and CEO of Paradise Marketing, “and we feel that the adult channel will respond very positively.”

Paradise Lifestyles’ participating retailers can purchase the PRIDE condoms wholesale – available in 3-pack or 12-pack packaging options – six ways: Classic, Feather Thin, XL, XL Feather Thin, Ribbed Pleasure and Dotted Pleasure.

PRIDE Condoms, expertly designed to support today’s dominant industry standards into new levels of innovation and inclusivity, combine sexual safety with emphasized messages of personal health and emotional wellbeing to enhance today’s gender-diverse experiences. Beyond PRIDE month, PRIDE is an active social movement and 365 day-a-year lifestyle.

To learn more about PRIDE condoms, a proud sponsor of international non-profit, visit

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