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Paradise Takes 20% Off in Promotion with Kimono Condoms, Aqua Lube, Blossom Organics

Paradise Marketing, America’s Number One source of condoms and lubricants, is partnering with Kimono condoms, Aqua Lube and Blossom Organics to introduce a special Back-to-Business sale, with 20% off the full range of products.

The Economic Recovery Promotion – offer ends July 31st – is being implemented in order to assist the industry’s wholesalers as they begin their gradual reopening more than two months after the coronavirus pandemic closed them down.

“We are rolling out our Back-to-Business campaign as part of an effort to help get partners up and running again,” said Paradise Marketing President Dennis Paradise. “This is going to be a difficult transition as we re-start our economy, and we know these discounts are beneficial. This is only the start of Paradise Marketing’s program. More promotions will be coming soon.”

The ultra-sheer, highly-rated Kimono condoms are well-known as the ultimate premium sheath for discerning users, and the entire line – Kimono Thin, MicroThin and Maxx – is available for purchase at the 20% discounted rate, as is Aqua Lube and organic, unscented Aqua Lube Natural and Blossom Organics personal lubricants.

“We are excited at the prospect of getting back to work, and whatever it takes to get us all on our feet and selling again,” added Paradise, “and we are here to offer our support – whatever it takes to help elevate our industry to even better than it was before.”

Paradise Marketing is a longtime leader in the wholesale distribution of high-quality condoms, lubricants and sexual wellness for over 40 years, thanks to the company’s commitment to flawless customer service and competitive pricing for the ultimate in one-stop shopping. To learn more, visit

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