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There’s Jewel DeNyle and her mother De’Bella. There’s Ice LaFox and her mother Angela D’Angelo.

Jamie Summers’ mom Melani Summers had a non-sex role in Bringing Up Brat.

Learned Hand writes on ADT:

Charlie and her mom Kitana Steele. Charlie had been in the industry for a while and got her mom interested. They appeared together in a Dirty Debs movie when her mom first started out. That was back when Charlie was lez only. Charlie had sex with a girl first and then her mom had sex with the same girl and Ed fucked the mom as well. Kitana was a bodybuilder and is fairly ripped. She also did some fisting and you will sometimes come across her fisting set if you look around fisting sites. sometimes has her set in the free section. Melissa Ashley is a second generation porn star as well… [Her mom is Mary Ann Weiland.]

Ramsey posts: “Mariah and her mom Elizabeth Dawn and Rayne and her mom Jacklyn.”

The The posts:

Kat Langer and her mom. In Extreme Associates had a volume (#44, maybe) of their Cocksmokers series in which a mother and daughter did a scene together in which they gave a guy a blowjob. The cameraman tried to get the daughter to feel up her mom as the mom gave head. At the most she just rubbed her mom’s back and butt.

Delilah Strong: I’ve seen her mention in BTS footage that her mom used to do porn.

Dillon Day and his father [Papa Wadd in Island Rain].

Crucifixio Jones posts:

Talon is T.T. Boy’s younger brother. Dirty Harry is their uncle. Jay Huntington and Jerry – Father and son but look enough alike to pass for brothers. They actually perform together in Rodney Moore’s “Milf & Honey 2” sharing Ginger Lea. There’s no way I could screw with my dad in the same room much less do the same chick. That’s a little creepy.

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