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Parody Wars- Who Called Dibs?


NL-I was wondering how you never seem to duplicate parody movies with another company. There were a couple Jersey Shores that came out and 2 Batmans. But it seems you have some way of knowing which movies to do and get them out without another company doing the same one. Do you talk to other parody directors like Lee Roy Myers, Mike Quasar, Axel Braun etc… to make sure that you aren’t all working on the same movie at the same time?
Will Ryder answers- There is some communication between the various companies and directors but with so many parodies being made it is becoming a little bit of a problem to keep from stepping on each other’s toes.  A perfect example was today’s announcement by Vivid and my friend Axel Braun that they are doing Elvis XXX, the Rat Pack XXX and some other music titles including a Beatles parody.  The problem is that X-Play has been in the process of casting Not the Beatles XXX for a few months now and although I have talked about it to Axel in the past, he like myself, is so busy producing and directing movies that we often forget or do not read each other’s press clippings and take an idea as our own.  I talked to Axel today and we will each make our own music related movies and most likely will not do two versions of the Beatles lol.  Since we are friends and enjoying successful runs do not be surprised to see us working on each other’s projects in the future.  
I do talk with New Sensations/Digital Sin, Hustler, Axel and even with Wicked a little bit but problems do arise.  For instance last month Brad Armstrong announced his first 4 parody movies and one of them included the Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman which X-Play already had cast and announced a while back with Bree Olson in the title role.  Now a super-successful director like Brad doesn’t really have time to notice what we’re doing or planning and when I called him on the phone he was a bit upset but X-Play had planned the movie and laid out money so we continued on with our production.  It’s the same story with Axel regarding the Beatles.  We have also done Not KISS XXX but have some legal issues we are working out so it’s hard to stay out of each other’s way completely unless you announce everything in a PR story and claim to ‘own’ that ‘real estate’ however it’s getting a bit ridiculous to announce that you are doing 20 movies because the truth is you will never get to all of them.
All I know is that X-Play was there with the very first movie in this porn parody resurgence just about 5 years ago and we will continue to release what we have planned.
I hope it doesn’t come down to a real war of parodies but it might.  There are plenty of ideas and great material to work with so hopefully the big players will not have to step on each other’s toes and break them lol.  I guess I’m not going to worry about it but I will protect what we have planned.  So with that said, I will say that the next movies coming from Will Ryder and X-Play following Not Charlie’s Angels XXX are parodies of The Wizard of Oz, Beatles, Animal House, new American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, The Bionic Woman/Six Million Dollar Man and KISS. I also just completed The Flintstones a XXX Parody which comes out in about 10 days from New Sensations and I am shooting This Ain’t Oprah Winfrey XXX with Hustler.
This is a friendly industry and I hope it stays that way but you never know.  I can say it will be friendly and fun at our annual porn Halloween party Saturday, October 30th at Ecco in Hollywood and you are invited.  Fleshlight has just joined us in co-hosting the bash so it will be insane. We expect it to be a wild costume party filled with horrors and whores just like the past 8 years.  I hope to see everybody there.   
Will Ryder   

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