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Pathetic Gay Pornographers In Tizzy

From The Advocate:

A film by porn company Cyberbears was used on air by NBC’s Late Night With Conan O’Brien without permission, the company alleges in a press release.

The incident occurred when Adam Sandler, appearing on O’Brien’s show to promote his film I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, introduced a clip from his film where, he said, two actors share an apple. As a joke, a clip from the Cyberbears film Feed the Bears played instead.

“Of course, we are…concerned with protecting our copyrighted materials. We were surprised that neither the performers, the director, nor the company were credited,” the release states.

The company has yet to take further action.

Please. This pathetic little company was thrilled to get one of its smutty productions on national TV. Second, Conan didn’t need permission. It’s called Fair Use. I bet Conan has smarter lawyers and producers than Cyberbears.

I remember Evil Angel got in a similar tizzy after ABC’s piece on Belladonna in January 2003.

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